Faerie Spells Slots

This magical kingdom is welcoming you inside and they are able to take on a whole new world and meaning. You can find everything you want to enjoy from the start to the finish. When the time comes to get more from the spells, the extras, and more; the faeries are going to be flying all around you; they are going to be watching as you spin those 5-reels in this bonus, progressive, video slot that was made for your enjoyment. With so much enjoyment that players have rated this as highly as possible. This is a great way to spend some time and do more while spinning the reels and seeing where they land.

Betsoft Has Made This Game Possible

Betsoft is a great way to go when it comes to making this game possible and making sure you are getting all that you can from a game that really helps you dig deep. You can find that Betsoft has the best intentions for all players who are going to be inside playing and spinning until they win. With great graphics, great sounds, and a great theme with payouts; everyone wants to come in and have a good time to see if they can walk away with some of the cash in hand. It is a great way to go to get more from the gaming you do.

Those Symbols Fly Around You

Look above your head and see what is flying above you at all times. When you want to be a part of the faerie world, then you need to make sure you are choosing to move forward with all that they have to offer. With this in mind, you can feel free to look into the many faeries that are there. There are also classic card symbols you can check out. While they don't pay out as high as some would like, you can line them up to get a good payout. There is an Ace, Jack, Queen, King, and Ten symbol that come around the board every so often.

There are many themed symbols you can find on the board, as well. You can check out the dragonfly, faerie queen, magic ring, magic wand, purple faerie, red faerie, toadstools, and even the tree guardian who is there to protect the forest and those living within it. If you want to embark on this magic journey to get some cash, then he is definitely the one you want to land on when it comes to getting more into your player account. Once you do, you will see just how great it is to play and win.

Do the Faeries Grant Bonus Rounds to Players?

The faeries in this game are very generous to the players who come and frequent the slot. You can find that they have everything you could possibly need and more. With the excitement of playing the slots, you can also check out the Buy Feature which allows you to choose a symbol to buy and when you choose one, you win the amount that is shown on the screen. This is a small mini-game that is a bonus in addition to the actual game. You can also do the double up feature which doubles you up on faerie magic and pays you double the amount you land on and get more from. This is a great way to get some more faerie cash in hand, but also to play and win for double the amount.

There are also other bonuses, such as the Faerie Spells jackpot that opens up the biggest winning amount that the game is going to give. You can find that this is the best way to go when you are trying to win a decent amount. This is the largest amount you can win with the game at any one time. Hit the jackpot and the faeries personally deliver it to your account. The free spins feature is a great feature that helps you get more spins while playing the game. You can ensure that the spins are given when you spin and see where you land. With just a few spins to a few hundred, you can win just about any number you can think of depending on the line up of symbols you land on.

Come Out and Play with the Faeries

There are many ways for you to come out and play and when you sign up with the casino, you can ensure that you get the most. You should feel confident with all that happens when playing on all 20 of the paylines. Since there is no max bet, and you can play up to 10 coins per line, you can win a decent amount from what they have to give. You can put down as little as $0.01 or as high as $5. This is something to keep in mind when you are putting any cash down on the table. If you are ready to fly around with the faeries, then now is your time to do just that. Check them out today when you sign up to learn more.