Hot Hand Slots

The she-devil is a hot lady that controls Hot Hand slots, a colorful three-reel game from Rival powered games that have five paylines and offers players to place bets of one, two, or three coins per spin. Hot Hand slots can be played in the fun format before placing real money bets, and the real money bets start with coin values of $0.01 up to a total of $5. The highest bet possible is $15. Hot Hand slots have an autoplay option if the player wants to preset the number of spins the game runs for consecutively.

Symbols and Paytable Options

The symbols of Hot Hand slots are classic, including bells, cherries, clubs, diamonds, hearts, sevens, spades, and the all-important she-devil who also sits at the side of the screen encouraging players to make their bets. There are three multiplying wild symbols in this game, and each wild appears on a different reel. The first reel holds a wild of 2x, and the second reel holds a wild of 3x, and the third reel holds a wild of 4x. Each wild can be used to complete a winning payout when appearing solo and offers the multiplying payout detailed. When appearing with one other, the winnings are multiplied together. For example, a 3x and a 4x multiplies winnings 12x. If all three wilds appear together, the player wins the highest payout in the game. A single coin bet awards the player 1500 coins, a two-coin bet, all three wilds give the player 3000 coins, and three coin bets and all three wilds give players 4000 coins. Hot Hand slots is a heated easy to play the fun three-reel game with a twist.