Take The Bank Slots

The bank has everything you could need and want when it comes to getting cash out or putting cash into your account. Of course, when it comes to gaining more cash from the bank without having to put it there yourself, that could also be fun. This slot machine is themed after just that. Bank robbing at it's finest is what you are going to find on this video slot machine with a bonus round. Check out more about the slots, find out what you can win, the bonuses and extras they are offering, and how this is able to affect you and the needs that you want and have. Are you ready to play? Learn more about the Take the Bank Slots today.

Betsoft Made the Most of This Game

Betsoft is who is in charge of this game, and as such; you can expect to get the best possible outcome from the wonderful graphics, the smooth sounds, and the excitement that comes when you spin the reels and see where they land. You don't have to worry about not being able to keep up with the game each and every time you go to play. You can feel confident in being able to do this. You can feel confident knowing you have chosen the best slot for you.

How are the Symbols in the Game

The symbols of the game are definitely something important. You need to make sure you know what to expect with each of the themed symbols that come around the board, and even those that are not themed. These are the classic card symbols that come around the board. The ten, jack, queen, king, and ace are all symbols that do not pay a high amount but they will pay out something if you land on them in the right sequence. Be sure to check those out, but keep in mind that these themed symbols are the ones that you land on the most.

These themed symbols are able to pay out the highest amounts and also provide the best possible gameplay you can get. This is a good feeling to have and something worth looking into when you want to play. Check out the bomb, gold bars, diamonds, packs of money, police cars, pry bars, the robber, and the safe door. There is also a wild symbol that comes around the reels, and when you land on these symbols; they open up a new world and game into the bonuses the game helps you bring.

Bonus Games and So Many Extra Available

There are so many bonus rounds and games to play so when the time comes, you can check out the extras that come from free spins, double up, and more. They are offering three different bonus games that you can open. The Buy Feature is when you can choose which symbol to go with. Whatever is under that symbol is what you get into your account. The Double Up Game is when you can cash out the double up amount that comes around the board. This is a highly rated game by other players because you can win double a very high amount when you hit this jackpot. The Free Spins Feature is when you are able to win some spins just by landing on the right wild symbol.

Playing to Win With the Banking and the Slots

This 5-reel slot machine has a high popularity rating because of the quality of the game and the large payouts that come along with it. The bonus rounds are fun to play and plentiful, making this a great selection to go with if you want to spend some time playing and winning some cash into your account. Play just one coin per line. They go by increments of $0.20 and as high as $5, going up by $1 increments at a time. With 75 pay lines, you have many chances to win and you have the ability to mix and match with all of the symbols they are offering.

Whether you are putting in just the lowest betting amount of $0.20 or you are betting the max bet of $20, you can be sure to have fun while robbing the bank. You simply just need to spin and win and you can then take the rest. Get more, give more, and have more fun when the time comes. It is just that simple. Sign up and start playing today.