Quest to the West Slots

When the time comes to go on the right and best quest, then you want to take a look at the Quest to the West Slots. This slot machine has you moving from one spot to the next without having to worry about a thing thereafter. You are in control of the entire quest while you put the right amount of money down. If you are wondering more about this quest and you want to know how you can move further west, then now is the time to check out all that you can from what they have available. Are you ready to spin? What about to win? Learn even more here about this bonus video slots game that has so many talking.

Who is the Maker of the Quest?

Those who regularly play slots online know that not every slot machine game is created equally. This is why it is important to always take advantage of the right slots that bring more fun and games to the board. You can find that Betsoft, the maker of the Quest to the West Slots has just about everything you could possibly need and more from what they are offering. With clear graphics and even better sounds, you have the ability to really win at what you are doing.

How Many Symbols Do You See?

The symbols that are going to be going around the reels are going to mean a lot when it comes to where they land and how they land. You want to make sure you are choosing the best way to spin and win. There are many different symbols available but the ones that pay the least are the classic card symbols that you can find on a lot of different slots out there. The ten, ace, queen, king, and jack are all symbols that you would find here and with other slots.

There are also themed symbols that go along with the Chinese fantasy theme of this slot machine. The dragon, horse, Hunam king, lotus, monkey king, pig, and warrior are all along the lines of the theme, but they also pay out the most. If you land on the right matching combo of these symbols, you can also open up the bonus rounds that come next. It is just that easy to make use of the themed symbols that are bringing even more fun to the table when it is needed.

Bonus Games and Extras Available

The slot comes with a few different bonus games, which is good news for those who want to win more cash without having to worry about always making the right winning combination of symbols. The Monkey King Walking Wilds Feature is one of the biggest and best features to make use of. You can expect to find that this is a great way to get a lot of extra cash in your account. You just have to make sure to land on the wilds, because once you open up two or more, you not only get a big payout but you are also able to play in the bonus game that opens back up, as well. Everyone's a winner, times two with this particular bonus game.

Quest to the West is the main bonus game of the slot and it provides you with a way to choose your destiny by choosing which path you should follow and go down. Once you do, you will not only be able to win some free spins, extra cash, or a huge jackpot payout, but you can open up a story mode that provides you with even more exciting things to do and paths to take. The game is bringing even more gameplay and excitement to the table.

Sign Up to Go on Your Very Own Quest

As a highly rated slot game, this newer game provides everyone with a way to spin those 5-reels and really get the best outcome when they do so. With coin betting sizes from $0.01 to $3.20 and so on, you can bet up to as much as $80 per line. Play just one coin per line, though you can make it as high as you'd like. With 25 paylines, you can still have a lot of options to win, even with just one payline to play. Do not get overwhelmed with this slot game because you have the best ways to win and play when you spin and grab the winnings that come from the slot.