Reels of Wealth Slots

The Reels of Wealth are coming and when they do, you want to jump on board because you want to make sure you are getting more from the fun to be had and the spins and wins you can get. You should feel good about the choice you make to get the wealth that comes next. The reels are going to provide you with the best possible outcome from the best spins, wins, and fun. As a highly regarded slot game, the Reels of Wealth is a 5-reel, bonus slot game that is video motivated and is also a progressive slot that provides more fun and ways to win. Learn more about this slot to see if the wealth it comes with is for you.

Play From Home with These Graphics

The graphics and sounds that you can expect from the slots are quality. Betsoft is the software company that is providing this specific help and due to this, you can always make sure you are getting the most from the graphics, from the fun, and the best possible outcome when you spin. Once you do, you will see for yourself just how much Betsoft has done for this game to make it exciting and fun to play. You can spin and see for yourself the clear, concise graphics and the sounds that come along with the reels that also spin.

Symbols and Fun Spinning Around the Reels

The theme of this game is money related, so you can expect to see a lot of money-related items that come around the reels. You can check out the classic card symbols that are also found. While these don't pay out a lot, they pay out a decent amount providing you with everything you might need and more from the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten. All of these will pay something if you line them up right, but they are not going to pay out as much as the themed symbols that are also in the game.

Those who are looking for more can find exactly what they are looking for with the emerald, megastar, cash, gold bullions, gold coin, sack of gold, safe, sapphire, treasure chest, and the wild multiplier. When you land on these, they can open up the bonus games and rounds that come with this slot, or they can pay out pretty big. As a progressive slot, you can be sure that you are getting a large payout when the time comes.

Bonus Games and Extra Fun to Be Had

There are bonus games that you can check out when the time comes to get more from playing inside the game. You can get even more cash or win some free spins which helps you win even more. If you are looking for a big payout, then make sure to check out both the Megastar Feature which is a big payout if you land just right on the reels. You can also play the Double Up Game which is a bonus feature that provides you with double the payment when you land correctly on the reels.

Sign Up and Get More From the Wealth to Be Had

When it comes to the wealth you are trying to get, everyone is invited to come inside and take a look around for themselves. With 10 paylines, and betting increments starting at $0.01 and going up to $1, you can put down a decent amount to your account. You can also have a max bet of up to $100. Win a large amount when you bet this high amount or go with smaller, safer bets depending on what you are looking to get out of the winnings. Now is the time to check out the payments you can get. Simply sign up and see where those spins take you.