Safari Sam 2 Slots

Safari Sam 2 Slots is the second game edition in the Safari Sam Slots series. For a second time, you will embark on an unforgettable savanna reel-spinning safari with Pam and Sam. Do you want to spot exotic animals and make rich wins during the process? Make sure to read through the Safari Sam 2 Slots review below to find out what you can expect to see and win while playing this African adventure-themed reel spinner from Betsoft Gaming.

Dive Into the Fantastic Slot Machine Game Worlds From Betsoft Gaming

Betsoft Gaming is the software creator of this slot title. Reel spinners from this developer always have detailed and good-looking designs and unique bonus elements and themes that center around a story. If you love to try out other games from this developer, you can also test your luck with intriguing and possibly enriching virtual fruit machines like Jungle Strips Slots, Spring Tails Slots, Primal Hunt Slots, Golden Horns Slots, and Take Olympus Slots.

Play Your Favorite Betsoft Gaming Slots in Demo Mode

On the software developer's website, you can play demo versions of this developer's games. You will be able to use these slot machine demos for free. Please take the opportunity to become familiar with the slots before you begin to play them with actual money.

The Theme of This Slot Machine Title Is That of the African Savanna

As its name already reveals, this slot will take you on an exotic African savanna adventure. Suppose you love to make your spins and wins in such a game environment. In that case, you will enjoy making symbol combinations with typical reel icons like the compass, the Acacia tree, the jeep, the zebra, the lion, and, of course, Sam and Pam themselves.

Captivating Design Elements Transport the Savanna to Your Game Screen

Captivating design elements are the strong points of most Betsoft Gaming reel spinners. This particular slot will also please your eyes with its warm colors and its detailed depiction of the African savanna. Furthermore, the uplifting tune that plays in the background during your game sessions also adds a great additional touch to your safari reel-spinning experiences.

Essential Slot Game Type Elements to Know About

This game has a grid that consists of five slot reels and three rows. On these reels and rows, you can land collapsing paytable symbol combinations. When a successful symbol collapse takes place, new game attributes drop into the emptied reel spots. It is not only possible to make non-feature wins at this game but also to claim bonus perks. The bonus triggering elements in this game are the free spins the round, the Call of the Wild feature, Compass Wilds, and Safari Stacks. The slot has no progressive jackpot wins on offer.

Land Win Triggering Symbol Combinations on a Set of Fixed Pay Lines

With its 50 available pay line structures, this casino game offers you a lot of win opportunities. Since you will be playing with a fixed pay lines setup, there is no option to increase or lower the number of active lines via game control bar buttons.

Make Changes to Your Slot Game Wager Values

This slot lets you make changes to your wager values before every spin. The minimum bet value you can play with is 0.20 credits, and the maximum value is 120.00 credits. Alternatively, you can also choose various values between those two numbers. Use the plus or minus buttons below the reel grid to adjust your bets, and keep in mind that higher stakes bring along the most risks and the most significant rewards.

Use the Paytable Section to Get to Know This Slot Machine Game

On the game control bar of this reel spinner, you will see an "I" key. If you click on that key, a second screen paytable section will open. This paytable shows you all kinds of essential game details such as paytable combinations, bonus feature rules, and pay line structures.

Trigger Big Wins While Playing the Call of the Wild Bonus Round

If you want to claim enticing bonus gifts in this slot, you have to make sure you trigger the Call of the Wild feature. You can bring this bonus round into play during every regular game round. When the game feature starts, it covers a maximum of four reels with symbol substituting Compass Wilds that do not collapse.

Play the Free Spins Bonus Round to Boost Your Player Bankroll

Besides the Call of the Wild Bonus, this game has a beneficial free spins feature that you can bring into play by landing at least three Acacia tree symbols on the game grid with a reel spin. Five visible Acacia trees on the reel grid trigger a win of 6,000.00 combined with 20 free spins. You receive a 1,440.00 win combined with 12 free spins with four trees. Lastly, three Acacia trees on the grid pay you 360.00 credits combined with seven complimentary spins. You have to play with maximum bet values to claim the stated rewards. The Call of the Wild bonus will also be in play during free spins sessions. Lastly, vertical safari stacks that replace new reel attributes act as guaranteed wilds.

Do You Know the Return to Player (RTP) Percentage for This Slot Title?

Just like other slots, Safari Sam 2 Slots has an RTP (Return to Player) rate or percentage that indicates how much wagered money the game returns to your bankroll over the long run. For this slot title, the Return to Player percentage is 96.30%, according to Betsoft Gaming. High RTP percentages are beneficial because they prove to be the most bankroll-friendly over time.

Check the Reviews for This Slot Machine Casino Game

Also of importance are reviews for this slot machine casino game. You can find these reviews at casino game testing websites that write reports about virtual fruit machines from various developers. Make sure you visit multiple casino game review websites to compare multiple opinions.

Fuel Your Excitement Levels by Looking for Fortunate Slot Winners

While researching this virtual fruit machine, you should also be on the lookout for mentions of fortunate reel-spinning enthusiasts who managed to claim significant profits by placing real money wagers on the game's outcomes. The best spots to find reports of these lucky players are casino news websites or casino platform news sections.

Place Real Money Wagers to Claim the Most Significant Casino Wins

If you also aspire to make newsworthy casino credit wins while spinning the reels of this slot title, you have to use actual money during your gaming sessions. First, you have to find a casino platform that has this slot available in its entertainment portfolio. Once you've found a casino, you need to create a membership account. As a third step, you need to make a bankroll funding real money deposit. You can then use your real money credits to place actual money wagers that can lead you to potentially lucrative wins.

Make Free Reel Spins With Fun Credits From Casino Websites

If you currently do no desire to make real money bets because of your playstyle preferences or your bankroll budget, you can also choose to use fun credits from casinos. With these fun credits that casinos provide for free, you can play until you are ready to switch to making bets with actual money.

Experience Mobile Reel Spinning Safari Adventures

Another way to play this slot machine is by opening it on your tablet or mobile phone. Many player-friendly casino platforms know that their members do not always have access to desktop computers because they are on the go. Therefore, you will be able to find versions of Safari Sam 2 Slots that work on iOS or Android-operated mobile devices.